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Apitong - Keruing Hardwood Decking

Why buy Apitong Decking? Apitong truck decking is what it says, decking for trucks.   This is what your OEM installed in your box or lowboy.  We sell tons of Apitong to Atlanta market that we are the biggest retailer of Apitong or any Brazilian hardwoods in Georgia and south east. We have inventory that cannot be beat by any other retailer in the South East.

Apitong deck, also called Apitong decking is extremely hard.  Apitong heartwood is a peach brown, the sapwood is a pale brown, overall has a cedar look. The grain of this wood is crisscross, and the texture is coarse and uneven with wide ribbon grains. Apitong deck are the best choice in Truck Declomg decking it is far superior to domestic woods as it are naturally resistance to decay like mold and fungus. It is also resistant to termites and insects. You will not see a pine beetle eating Apitong. Apitong decking is a very consistent color decking.


Support: If you have a question call and talk to the sales staff. They are fully trained and knowledgeable on all aspects of Apitong decking.  They will tell you what works and what does not. Just .








Atlanta Ipe Decking | Location | About Us | How to Order | We Ship Ipe