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FAQs about Atlanta Ipe Decking

Questions you should ask before buying Ipe or Brazilian Hardwoods (or Composites)

Can I buy Selected Lengths at no upcharge? Yes! Atlanta Ipe Decking has the best supply of the biggest variety anywhere at the best prices too because we avoid charging you extra for specified lengths. We merely ask that you use 8' and 10' boards on your steps and landings for one third (33%) of your order. This is about the correct proportion for most decks.

What grade of Ipe and Brazilian hardwood do you offer? Atlanta Ipe Decking only offers "Premium" grade decking. Do not settle for "Select" or lesser grades. Premium is the best. It has no knots or other imperfections that would be found in the lower grades.

What type of support do you offer? Atlanta Ipe Decking offers full support on our decking. This includes decking education, installation assistance and documentation before the sale and phone support after the sale.  We have craftsmen available to help you with the intricacies of Brazilian hardwoods.

Do you ever run out of Ipe? You will never have to go searching because we are out of inventory. We have shipments arriving every few weeks so you do not have to worry about scoping your deck and then being left without Ipe.

Do I have to purchase a "minimum order?" Never at Atlanta Ipe Decking. We welcome all orders small or large.

How good are your prices? Atlanta Ipe Decking prices are published on the Advanced Building Supplies website. We will meet their prices to make it easy to compare.   Click here for our latest prices.

How can I get a quote? Send (Email/Fax/Call) the Atlanta Ipe Decking your deck dimensions or a napkin diagram. We will email you a quote including your decking, railing, fasteners, accessories and delivery direct to your jobsite.

How do I order Ipe? Just call the Atlanta Ipe Decking at .

How do I know I am getting Real Ipe? Recently there have been stories of dealers selling Cumaru and Tatajuba as Ipe . At the Atlanta Ipe Decking all our lumber and decking is tagged with its species so you know you are getting Real Ipe. Look for the RealIpe Tag!

How can I get Decking Samples? Just call the Atlanta Ipe Decking at . We will send you samples of Ipe, fasteners, and other Brazilian Hardwoods. The samples are always free however we do ask for postage money.  If you are nearby, just stop by.

Is Ipe an Environmentally Responsible choice? Everything has pluses and minuses so no one solution can be understood alone. Ipe is a natural product that will biodegrade in about 100 years. You must compare that to Pressure Treated lumber which has poisonous chemicals or composite decking which is made from oil and will clog our landfills.

Can I buy other species of decking or accessories to compliment my Ipe? Yes the Atlanta Ipe Decking carries a full line of Brazilian Decking and accessories including Cumaru Rosa, Jatoba, Tigerwood, Garapa, Massaranduba, Angelim Pedra, and others






Atlanta Ipe Decking | Location | About Us | How to Order | We Ship Ipe